Visit Indiana State and Enjoy Its Beautiful Campgrounds

Perhaps among the best places to visit in Indiana State is the northern area. Even though it is not as massive as the other areas of the state, it remains a favorite spot for many people who love outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking. Definitely, this is a perfect vacation destination for the whole family to unwind and appreciate the beautiful recreation spots in the north.

Here are some of the best vacation and camping sites:

Turkey Run  

This is definitely one of the well-known and favorite state parks in Indiana. The actual location is about one hour from the southern part of Lafayette in Parke as well as Montgomery counties. For many tourists to love to spend their vacation by experiencing the best hiking and beautiful sceneries, Turkey Run is a perfect choice. According to the information about this place, it has almost 213 electric spots and most of the campers here originate from Illinois and Indiana itself. Of course, it is important to book in advance because this place easily loads up during weekend.

Shades State Parks

The beautiful area of the Shades State Park is another remarkable spot for campers because it is a modern campground. On the other hand, its 105 campsites do not offer electricity supply unlike the Turkey Run. Majority of the campers here are those who own trailers and searching for the best parking area to enjoy and relax. In addition, this is a suitable choice for campers who want to user their own tents and can definitely appreciate their stay here during weekdays.

Prophetstown State Park

The Prophetstown State Park is actually of the latest added recreational park in Indiana. Its actual location is within the junction of Tippecanoe and the Wabash Rivers. Before, Prophetstown is an area for different agricultural crops and they developed it into a beautiful state park that now accommodates different habitats. Besides camping, this place also has historic landmarks such as the Living History Museum built in 1920. To date, it has almost 110 electric camp sites and continuously grabbing the interest of both local and foreign tourists who visit here.

Indiana Dunes State Park

The Indiana Dunes State Park is one of the existing sand dunes of the Lake Michigan southern shoreline. Like the other state parks, this particular area is popular for camping and different outdoor activities while exploring the northern part of Indiana State. They actually demolished this park in 2004 and reconstructed it into a beautiful campsite again. To date, it offers a huge area for worldwide campers because of its spacious and relaxing location. Like the other Indiana-based campgrounds, this state park is always crowded during weekends and so reservation is very important too. As for the campers, Indiana Dunes State Park however does not allow alcoholic drinks and beverages when camping.

Keep in mind that besides these mentioned state parks with beautiful campgrounds, the state of Indiana is also a perfect destination for the kids. Do you know the exact reason why? It is because it has different interesting zoos, restaurants and shopping centers too. This means that the entire family will have various activities to enjoy while staying here.

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