Our website implements this important policy to make sure we protect the privacy of all visiting people who view us and use our available service online. We implement this kind of necessary guideline to show the importance of protecting the information that comes from these people when we decide to gather and use them for lawful purposes online.

All registered or valid users must not disregard this guideline because this likewise helps them in understanding the exact function of the service we offer and on how we use all the published content or data. We are strict in implementing all the rules because we want people who use our site to become cautious and responsible when they begin searching for information about different phone calls and numbers.

Obtained Information from Users and Visitors

Our website obtains the necessary information to all valued users and visitors, which they need to submit voluntarily during their visits. The required information we obtain can include their names, genders, home addresses, contact numbers, valid emails and any subscription before they can register. We need to gather and use these mentioned data, but we do not force these people because they have the prerogative to submit or not.

However, we may limit the available options to people who refuse to follow our rule when they visit our website and not providing the necessary data we need. When it comes to sharing pr publishing information, we only allow those who have legitimate purpose and must not reproduce them without proper consent from us.

Internet Beacons or Cookies   

Our website follows the exact guidelines when we monitor and use Internet Beacons or cookies online. When we execute this process, we likewise adhere to the different cookie policy guidelines and that include the current EU cookie policy. This is an important consideration when we need to gather and use information from all valid users and visitors who originate from different regions. We check the cookies to help us in determining the locations of all visiting individuals only.

Regarding the usual information we collect and use, the most important can include the current browser and Operating System (OS). We collect these information or data to help us determine the number of people who are using and visiting our website regularly.

Changing of Privacy Policy 

This current Privacy Policy is important because it intends to respect all registered users and visitors. On the other hand, it is legitimate to alter or change it if we reveal unwanted issues that affect the other guidelines we implement. When we do the changes or alterations, we do not need consent or permission because we can decide personally.